High Quality Caterers Leicestershire Event Catering and Wedding Caterers in Leicestershire

High Quality Caterers Leicestershire Event Catering and Wedding Caterers in Leicestershire
The Dimblebee Catering Company Ltd Caterers In Leicester

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Online PR News – 10-February-2012 – The Dimblebee
family have been at the forefront of catering and hospitality within
Leicestershire for many generations. True to form, Samantha Dimblebee has now
established herself in her own right with 'The Dimblebee Catering Company Ltd',
which specialises in wholesome traditional quality homemade fare and
Samantha has had many years prior experience in the catering
industry, having trained at 'Norths' at Rothley, 'The Case' restaurant in
Leicester, and co-founding and managing 'Greens Deli Ltd' in Loughborough which
had offered outside catering and Chef at Home services as well as corporate
A chance conversation with businessman and consultant Robert
Miles Dudley in 2011 resulted in the formation of the 'The Dimblebee Catering
Company Ltd' and a partnership which has seen the Company become one of the
quickest growing and most popular choices of outside caterer in
"The interest in our catering services is unprecedented"
stated Mr Dudley, "by synergising talented, enthusiastic catering expertise with
principles for strategic thinking and management, which are normally only the
preserve of large private sector corporations, we have created a service and a
Company that we believe will enable people to re-evaluate their expectations for
value, quality and service offered by the current Catering sector. Since
becoming a Limited Company in late 2011 we have certainly been in demand, and
have also been in discusssions with a large number of the most prestigious
venues through Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, all of whom welcomed our
vision and the services of the Company".
He added that "there seems to have been a complacency within
the sector for some time, compounded by a lack of new corporate skill-sets and
Also the belief that providing ever higher specifications of
gastronomic delight (and therefore pricing) should be the mark of a catering
company seems to miss first principles i.e. to provide people with the great
value, wholesome, homemade traditional quality food they know and love, and to
make the experience of 'having the caterers in' a personal and enjoyable
The past few years have seen more and more people focus on
the principle of 'value with quality', and look for re-assurance and comfort in
all aspects of their lives. Food is a wonderfully emotive medium, and what you
eat/smell/see can re-assure and comfort like nothing else on earth. It could
well be time to look to the 'new-traditional'!

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