High Quality Caterers Leicestershire Event Catering and Wedding Caterers in Leicestershire

High Quality Caterers Leicestershire Event Catering and Wedding Caterers in Leicestershire
The Dimblebee Catering Company Ltd Caterers In Leicester

Friday, 25 July 2014

(opening tomorrow 26th July 2014 !! Go, it's amazing!!)

"I attended the launch of the Richard III Centre in Leicester last night and was particularly impressed with the cate...
ring and catering staff that were provided at the event.

Both my husband and I were really impressed with the standard, quality, the different ideas for food and presentation. The staff that were present at the event were also very attentive and personable.

Congratulations to everyone involved."

With kind regards, Claire

Claire - Personal Assistant
Wedding Caterers at Calke Abbey Saturday 19th July.
"Simply wonderful food, people and service. They rallied against a torrential downpour and flooding on our wedding day to produce a three course vegetarian feast that would rival any Michellin starred restaurant. The fun evening food was also an incredible hit. I can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you so much!
Love Mr and Mrs Spalding x"

We would like to say Hello and Congratulations to Rachael and Phil in Groby, Leicestershire. Thank you again and it was wonderful to see so many friends and family all getting stuck in, a real fete theme and an absolute pleasure to cater for you all yesterday www.dimblebeecatering.co.uk
Guess who joined us for lunch today and a quick snap...Angela Rippon OBE! Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and to be of service.

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